Welcome to the website of the Laboratory of Crisis and Disasters Psychology!

The Laboratory of Crisis and Disasters Psychology conducts basic and applied psychology research relevant topics and practice issues of the psychological intervention in disaster and crisis situations. The approach proposed by the laboratory combines a focus centered on emergency response preparedness of individuals and disaster impacts (physical and social). The Lab was created in 2006 in the National University of Civil Protection of Ukraine. (opens in new window)


Areas of Interest:

1. BASIC AND APPLIED RESEARCH Development of short- and long-term research projects that focus on understanding the experiences, strengths and difficulties of extreme jobs (like firefighters, police, military, sailors etc.) in their professional environment and on people who have been affected by a traumatic or emergency incident, and the types of intervention programs that might best enhance their health and well-being.


Our staff works directly in the field during large-scale emergencies. We provide crisis intervention and Psychological First Aid (PFA) for reduce stress symptoms and assist in a healthy recovery following a traumatic event, natural disaster and public health emergency.


The Lab provides a space for sharing knowledge, practices, experiences and the theoretical models that support these psychological interventions. We develop collaborative relationships with local, institutional, and federal organizations and agencies to further support and expand the impact and activities of the Lab.